Walks Programme

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For detailed walk information go to Ramblers walkfinder

Bad weather - Please phone the walk leader if in any doubt about a walk being cancelled. Remember, even if you can reach the starting point your leader may be snowed in



Longer walks at a faster pace 10-14 miles






Walks at an easier pace ( In some cases extra-leisurely)



A choice of walks at faster or easier pace



Faster pace but shorter. 8 miles



Occasional walks



Mixed paces and distances




Most of the Derbyshire Dales walks fall into one of the following four grades:

XL – Extra Leisurely Walks over uneven ground requiring sturdy footwear. Distances will generally not exceed 4 miles or 7 kms and will be taken at a gentle pace.

L – Leisurely signifies a leisurely pace, the terrain covered will not be too demanding. Light-weight boots or sturdy shoes will generally be adequate.

M – Moderate. This covers walks at a somewhat faster pace and often over more demanding ground. Boots will be required.

S – Strenuous Walks are more strenuous and if you have any doubts whether they are suitable please consult the walk leader beforehand.

Boots will be required

Dress to suit the weather – it is better to be overdressed and be able to remove clothing rather than to lack warm clothing

Gradings are given mainly for the benefit of those new to the group or finding details on the internet.

For most members the best advice is – Know your leaders.


It is Group policy that dogs should be kept on a standard lead at all times unless permission to the contrary is expressly given by the walk leader.


Derbyshire Dales Group