The Yorkshire 3 Peaks

David Selkirk

Ingleborough looks like a fortress on a ridge. The approach path goes along a valley below without climbing much, while the ridge gets ever closer and higher. Eventually we started to climb, muscles tired by this time, to reach a long near vertical scramble to the top. This was really hard. From the ridge there was then another steep climb up on to the fortress which turned out to be quite flat but all shattered rock so hard going. There were a good many people around the summit cairn again.

Ingleborough from Whernside

We were supposed to retrace our steps to find the route back to Horton, but whileI stopped for food and drink I noticed some people walking off at a diagonal. This was obviously a short cut for those in the know, so I did the same. After a while, I realised I was going down the wrong path which would have taken me to Malham! Pride stopped me from going back to the summit so I decided to traverse round. That was a mistake too, painfully slow progress across a boulder slope to regain the correct path. It’s a man thing, not wanting to admit you are wrong.

I was expecting an easy walk back to Horton but the path was quite unpleasant, weaving over and between rocks and boulders which was the last thing tired sore feet wanted. I was so pleased to get back to the village that I missed the triumphal entrance to the finish and went round the long way. I booked in eventually, and got my medal eventually, and then just sat in the sun with dozens of others enjoying a meal and glorious cup of tea. 9 hours 20 minutes in all, very pleased with that. My hip held up, and the ‘eggshell’ bits in my left ankle and right knee. An excellent day and great experience. I raised almost £1,000 for heart research too. Thank you to those reading this who kindly sponsored me.

Would I do it again? As a challenge walk it takes some beating but I doubt it, simply because I couldn’t possibly have the same good luck again.


Derbyshire Dales Group