RA Holidays

Ramblers Association members taking Ramblers’ holiday are entitled to nominate a Ramblers’ Group of their choice to receive a ‘grant’ of a certain amount. Hopefully, you will nominate our own Derbyshire Dales Group. According to Ramblers Worldwide Holidays, their current holiday booking form on their website has a box in the bottom left hand corner for entering the name of the chosen walking group. Alternatively, the client may inform RWH by telephone or e-mail, but this must be done prior to the departure of the holiday. The Walking Partnership scheme was set up and is run by Ramblers Holidays Ltd, which incorporates Ramblers Worldwide, Ramblers Countryside, Ramblers Cruise & Walk, Adagio and Load Off Your Back. These are the only companies from which ‘The Walking Partnership’ nominations can be made.

The Walking Partnership aims to provide direct financial support to the grass roots of the walking community through local walking clubs and societies. It is designed to encourage people to get out and walk, but not to necessarily benefit individuals. The money, which is paid to your nominated Group every 6 months, is spent for the encouragement and support of walking in your area. For instance, this could be for maps, equipment, path repairs, funding of leaflets, etc. The contribution structure depends on the type of holiday booked and is per person booked:-

Other offers will be made available from time to time, including special holiday offers & access to exclusive events.


Derbyshire Dales Group