Leader’s Duties and Responsibilities

Nick Stephens (Chairman)

The Ramblers Walk Leader’s Checklist has been used to form the summary checklist below. (It can be downloaded from the Ramblers website, along with the ‘In Case of Emergencies’ cards) This list will be forwarded to walk collectors, who in turn can pass it on to their walk leaders. These lists will be available to anyone who requests them by contacting members of the committee.

Before the Walk

Submit the Walk (this may have to be done before the route is actually recc’ed)

The day before the walk / on the actual day of the walk

Situations for cancelling / not cancelling the walk

At the start of the walk

On the walk

At the end of the walk

Clarification regarding the Walk Leaders Checklist

Nick Stephens

Within the Leader’s Duties and Responsibilities in the previous issue of Footprints, one bullet point, appearing under the sub heading Submit the Walk, stated “To be covered by Ramblers insurance, a walk must be a recognised Ramblers activity”, caused some confusion. Ramblers explain this in their “Ramblers Insurance Guide 2016-2017” as follows:

Group Walks

To be considered an official Ramblers walk, and covered by the liability insurance, all walks, including coach rambles, must

 o Be brought to the attention of the Programme Coordinator, who ideally has confidence in the Walk Leader’s ability to lead the walk

o Be publicised as a Ramblers activity, in advance, in at least one of the following ways:

o On the Group Walks Event Manager

o In a printed programme

o On the group/area website

o Have a nominated Leader, and ideally a Backmarker who (together, or separately) have ideally recce’d the walk. Both the Walk Leader and Backmarker must be members.

The Ramblers Insurance Guide 2016-17 can be accessed from the Ramblers Central Office website, provided you have logged in, by typing ‘insurance’ into the search box (top right corner of screen). (The remainder of these instructions are aimed at members who have not accessed the screens before.)

For those who cannot log in, because they are not yet registered, click on ‘login’ on the top of the screen, then click on register now three lines from the bottom of the screen, enter your details & submit. Once logged in, and having entered ‘insurance’ in the search box, on the next screen approximately 50 entries will appear. Click on the second entry – Insurance Toolkit – click ‘more’. The Insurance Toolkit screen will appear. Click on the second entry down –

Insurance Guide 2016 2017 PDF Download

At the bottom of the screen click the open box and the Ramblers Insurance Guide will be presented.

Read through the 15 page document, preferably all sections, but noting especially what section 3 has to say. Once read, return to the previous screen where you can select: Insurance/Certificate 2017-2018 PDF (Summary of Insurance document) and / or the Insurance Frequently Asked Questions, if you are interested.

(Do not forget to Logout when leaving the Ramblers website)


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