Footpath Matters

Dave Pearson (Footpaths Secretary)

Lost Ways

Derbyshire FP Secretaries are searching old documents to find paths that were in use and are no longer classified as ROW, with the intent of registering them, so ensuring that they are present on the Official Record at DCC and we do not lose them when they become “timed out”. They are looking for a volunteer from the Derbyshire Dales Group of the Ramblers to become involved.

They suggest that someone with an historical bent interested in searching old maps and comparing them with current editions to find any omissions would be the volunteer they would be looking for. If anyone is interested then please get in contact with Dave Pearson at, and he will put you in touch with the organiser of the group intending to cover Derbyshire who will give help and advice on the task.

Wardens – An Update March 2017

We now have wardens covering 75 parishes which contain over 2000 ROWs, and the aim is that the ROW in the parishes are walked once a year reporting on any faults that they find. 345 problems have been reported, and 129 have been dealt with. Of the remainder, several are given to landowners to attend to and all signage problems by the roadside are given to contractors once a year. The success of the actions only really becomes apparent when the ROWs are walked the following year.

Some of the problems are dealt with by the “footpath fixers” who are a group of our volunteers that carry out work under the guidance of DCC, and organised by Brian Hebron. More of this will be needed as the budget shortfall in DCC has meant that both the ROW dept and the countryside dept who we work with on problems are facing cuts.

We list parishes without wardens:

Eaton Alsop
Fenny Bentley
Great Hucklow
Hungry Bentley
Little Hucklow
Marston Montgomery
Norbury & Roston
Northwood & Tinkersley
Offcote & Underwood
Somersal Herbert
We also require members to help in footpath maintenance. If interested in becoming a footpath warden contact: Dave Pearson on 01629 734576,

If interested in footpath maintenance contact: Brian Hebron on 01629 258914, Footpath Fixers


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