Chairman’s page - Nick’s Natterings


I1001 Nick 13.11.2009n March I had visions of sitting at the top of my back garden during the forthcoming sunny, summer evenings, enjoying the lovely view across the valley. It was not to happen, there being more dark and rainy evenings than the light, sunny evenings I had dreamt of. Now midsummer has been and gone, winter will soon be upon us! Summer in Scandinavia might be a nice idea.

A problem has arisen over the past few years regarding our Group finances. When our members book a holiday with Ramblers’ Holidays, they can nominate that a ‘discount’ can be donated to their named Group. This money subsequently is paid into the Group’s coffers. This raises our bank balance but, if not spent within the financial year, will be deducted from the next year’s budget allowance. Your Group committee members are very thrifty with the Group’s finances and never claim for various expenses. Our annual budget is far lower than other local Groups. I want to open up a discussion on how we can spend this extra cash which is generously ‘donated’ by our holiday-taking members (who I’m not allowed to know due to the Data Protection Act). Please contact me with any sensible suggestions.

Hopefully you will have all had enjoyable summer holidays and are looking forward to an autumn of entertaining walks provided by our comprehensive programme of walks. Thanks to all our walk leaders and walk collectors for doing a splendid job. Don’t forget the Friday afternoon illustrated talks

Our Area Walk takes place on Sunday 15 October. Details appear elsewhere in Footprints.

Thankfully you have responded so well to our request for input to Footprints that our editor is ‘snowed under’. Here’s wishing for a snow-free winter!


Derbyshire Dales Group