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1001 Nick 13.11.2009

  The attendances at our Friday afternoon social events are difficult to predict. The December event was only reasonably attended although everyone there enjoyed Patrick Harding’s lecture sub-titled “Everything you hought you knew (about Christmas) may be wrong”. A lot of
misconceptions came to light!

February’s lecture “The Derbyshire Portway” by local historian Stephen Bailey drew in so many visitors that we ran out of chairs! A very interesting talk, with Stephen selling all of his books about the Portway. I hope to see lots of our members tracing the route from Nottingham to Mam Tor this summer.

The Area Walk will be taking place on Sunday 15 October, 2017. Our Group will be responsible for the organisation so it has been decided that all 3 walks will start from the Old Station Car Park at Rowsley (still free parking as I write this) and will head up to the Birchover Reading Room (village hall) by various routes to meet up for lunch. Hopefully, there will be cauldrons of hot soup to warm the weary walkers. The 3 walks (already outlined) will be 6, 9 and 12 miles in length. I would appreciate it if some members could volunteer to lead these 3 walks. I am happy to discuss and recce the walk routes with them.

When planning walks I always try to provide events/points of interest on route, along with lovely views and suitable refreshment stops. An example of such, a while ago, was including the Well Dressing Blessing at Swanwick their school Gala, where tasty morsels were eagerly devoured. Other good fortune, such as sunny weather is dependent on the day, as are events like the Butterley Steam Train passing with passengers waving to us or the Red Arrows flying overhead. Recently the Saturday group were pleased when I suggested having a lunch break at the water troughs at Anthony Hill, just north of Elton, where we were entertained by the Vintage Sports Car Club attempting one of their hill climb trials (the cars & their occupants were far muddier than our group members!).


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