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I1001 Nick 13.11.2009I’m glad to report that the recent Area Walk hosted by our Group was a success, if all the thanks received afterwards was anything to go by. I would like to thank Helen & Bernard Moss, Dave Selkirk, Kath Cartlidge, Dot Hall and Dave Williams for leading the walks. Also to Pat, our Social Secretary, for providing hot soup and biscuits at the lunch time stop in the Birchover Reading Room. Around 70 people from the 4 groups attended and all contributed to the collection for the local Air Ambulance Charity, raising 111.43. A letter of thanks has been received from Air Ambulance.

An unfortunate incident regarding a walk leader in the summer resulted in a complaint from one of our members. Having taken advice at all levels, it has been decided to draw up a list of walk leader duties and responsibilities. We are always very grateful to all our enthusiastic leaders, without whom we could not operate. However, in order to keep both leaders and walkers happy, we hope these guidelines will help.

The 39 members (out of 500+ total membership) who attended our recent AGM were afterwards treated to a really interesting talk by Dr. Albert Benghiat entitled “Geology & Rocks of the Peak District”. He explained how the geology dictated the landscape, culture and economy of the area in which we walk. How such places as Parkhouse & Chrome Hill originated was very enlightening.

Whilst recently on a recce we discovered a very clean but very poorly small white rabbit, unable to walk very far, in a field next to the Callow Art College. After we had made various calls to the RSPCA, the college staff came forward and arranged to take the rabbit to a local vet. On another recent occasion, whilst we were walking across Hyde Park, the same concern was not necessary for a large rat sprinting across in front of us!


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