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I1001 Nick 13.11.2009During the brief spell of snow, when most of our country came to a halt and some of our walks had to be cancelled, I read a letter in the Daily Telegraph from a Swedish reader saying that in Sweden they have much deeper snow but none of the schools were ever closed and, with winter tyres compulsory, cars keep moving. With luck we will not experience a third Beast from the East and hopefully we can start to enjoy the lighter evenings and sunny days.

The Walk Leader Checklist printed in the last issue of Footprints caused some consternation amongst a few of our members. “Don’t shoot the messenger” came into my mind, since 95% of the Checklist is taken from the Central Office website.

Our Footpath Secretary, Dave Pearson, would be grateful if walk leaders could report to him any problems encountered when out on walks, e.g. broken stiles or missing signposts, and he will report them to the Derbyshire County Council.

In a recent episode of Radio 4’s Ramblings, supposedly walking from Winster to Robin Hood’s Stride, very little mention was made of the actual route. Most of the programme concerned Ed Byrne, who was being interviewed by Clare Balding. I wrote to the BBC complaining but to date have not had a reply.

I thought a little-used footpath through the southern side of Shining Cliff Woods would present a few challenges to the group I was leading, with the thought that they wouldn’t ask me to lead any more walks after having scrambled over numerous felled tree trunks & through holly bushes, etc. Such thoughts were foiled when they all emerged with smiles on their faces having enjoyed the experience. Some members even asked if we could do more walks like that!I


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