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1001 Nick 13.11.2009 

Having thanked some retiring walk collectors in my last Natterings, I would also like to thank Joan Dalton (Sunday walks), along with Isabella Stone whose Wednesday walks will now be collected by Bob and Hilary Crouch. All walks are at last being entered onto the Ramblers’ HO Walks system, either by the walk collectors themselves or by their ‘buddies’.

Our AGM took place on the 18th November, with 31 members attending (out of a total membership of 560). Afterwards, Geof Cole gave a very interesting, illustrated talk entitled ‘Ashbourne Virtual Heritage Tour’.


Our Group will be responsible for the 2017 Area walk to be held on Sunday 15th October. Plans are already in progress and will be issued in the next Footprints.

It was pleasing to read in The Times that “The Peak District had the best maintained paths, with only 3% in poor condition”, as sourced by the Ramblers’ Big Pathwatch survey of footpaths in England and Wales.

This time I’m finishing with a ‘no joke’. Recently, whilst out surveying a Parwich footpath, in rain and thick mist, I was accosted by 50+ aggressive cows. I did manage to keep them at bay with my brolly as I checked there and back along the footpath, but I do sympathise with walkers who would have felt intimidated.


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