A Welcome to Lumsdale

Christine and Alan Piper

Many members will have enjoyed a visit to Lumsdale, the beautiful and historic valley near Matlock. As Ramblers and members of the Lumsdale Project committee, we are always pleased to see groups of walkers passing our home in Upper Lumsdale. Hundreds of other visitors come to see the waterfall but perhaps do not fully appreciate the importance of the ruined mills and the ponds that held their water supply. We now have interpretation boards to tell the story and a management plan for the conservation of the ruins and natural habitats.

The Arkwright Society runs guided tours on the last Sunday afternoon of each month throughout the summer and they will start again on 26th March. We are happy to take parties around the valley on other occasions. If your walking group would like a tour or a guide to join your party as you walk through the valley, please contact us by phone or email.

The valley, bequeathed to the Arkwright Society at Cromford Mills in 1996, is looked after mainly by volunteers and the maintenance of the valley depends on donations from visitors. If you have enjoyed a visit and would like to make a contribution of £3 you can now do so by texting “LUMS45 £3” to 70070. If all our visitors did so, it would make an enormous difference. Thank you.

Christine and Alan Piper 01629 584429 or alan@piper.nu.

For more information about Lumsdale and the Sunday tours please visit www.cromfordmills.org.uk/lumsdale.

The Arkwright Society is a registered charity, no. 515526.


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